Best SEO Tools To Analyze Website

SEO is the common word in the present web world that everyone is talking. And from every new blogger / company  to big companies hiring an SEO expert to make their blog / website search engine optimizable so that they can get more visitors / customers directly from search results. SEO is playing vital role for every blogger. Read also : How to transfer large files without mobile data.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO affects the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine's search results. It means if a website or a web page is search engine optimizable that website draws more visitors directly from search engine's results. It saves huge amount for big companies. You can call it an unpaid advertising. In general, higher ranked website / web page more frequently appears in search engine's search results rather than lower ranked website. Read also : How to make money online from home.

There are some free tools available on the internet to analyze your website / blog. You can analyze your own blog / website absolutely free by using these tools. Here is the list of best free SEO tools that help you to analyze your blog well. These tools are fast and easy-to-use.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

QuickSprout is a complete website analyzer. It gives full analysis report of a website. It gives all the analysis report that a website owner or a blogger wants. It gives screenshots of your website for Desktop, Tablet and Phone devices. It also gives SEO analysis report, social media impact,  competitor report, backlinks report etc for a website. Read also : How to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights check the performance of a website for mobile devices and Desktop devices. You just need to enter the URL address of your blog / website and then need to hit Enter or click Analyze. Once you hit Enter or click Analyze, this tool will start analyzing of your blog and display the results for mobile devices and desktop devices with how to fix the associated issues with your blog.

The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. If your blog scores higher points then it is better and if it scores 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well. Otherwise you need to fix the associated issues. Read also : how to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool to track everything of your website / blog. It gives clear insights of your website and gives you real time insights of your website. It tracks every bit of your website and that's why Google Analytics is a full package for every website.
Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google and Bing search engine. You can check your website's indexing status, crawl errors and optimize visibility. Webmaster tools shows traffics for each keyword separately and gives more information about website performance according to search query. Read also : how to setup AdSense page level ads.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner gives you an idea about what people search for a particular word. You just need to enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool and Google will give you all the possible status of that particular keyword or group of keywords strategy : average searches in a month, Competition, suggested bid etc. Read also : How to track lost/stolen mobile phone and erase data remotely.

It is best alternative of Google keyword planner. You will get numerous idea based on a single keyword. After landing on, you just need to enter a keyword and hit Enter on the keyboard display huge number of keywords related to your keyword which are organized alphabetically. Read also : how to remove password from PDF file.

Google Trends

Google Trends show you the hot keywords that are searched frequently in Google search engine.

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  1. Your article has definitely educated me. Rank Tracker Tool is another nice tool to automatically track various parameters of a website such as serp, backlinks etc.


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