How To Check Page Impressions of a Website

Page Impression or Page View is the requested time to load a web page on Internet with advertisement. In other words, it is the time a user stays on your website and number of pages visited with AdSense advertisement. There are many factors related to a website which affects Page Impressions of a website. Among them are loading time, navigation menu, related post widget, popular post widget, search box etc. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below blogger post title.

This post covers the idea how to get page impressions of a blog / website. The easiest process is to check page impressions of your website is to use Google Webmaster Tools. Google webmaster tools is the most popular, free of cost and and highly recommended web service of Google for webmasters like bloggers and website owners. It allows webmasters to analyze the detailed web reports of a website regarding website visibility, indexing status, crawl errors on Google search engine and many more. Read also : Google Webmaster Tools Complete Guide

In order to check Page Impressions of a website, webmasters must be the owner of that site and have full access to it. Before to get the Page Impressions of a blog / website you must have a account on Google Webmaster Tools. If you have a Google account you can use that email address and password to create your account. Use the below link to create your account on Google Webmaster Tools.

After creating Google Webmaster Tools you need to add and verify your blog / website to Google Webmaster Tools. Read also : How To Add Website To Google Webmaster Tools
Once you have added your blog / website to Google Webmaster Tools, add the sitemap of your blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

Once you have done the above two steps, click Site Dashboard or Google Webmaster Tools and then click your blog's domain name. You will see Current Status like Crawl Errors, Search Queries, Sitemap of your blog / website. Under Search Queries you will see the Page Impressions of your blog / website. See the below image as example. Read also : How To Add Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

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