How To Connect Google + Profile With Blogger Account

We all know that Google plus is an social networking site developed and launched in 28 June 2011 by the search engine giant Google. Initially invitation required by someone to become a Google + member. Google + was opened for all users worldwide on 7 November 2011.

Normally every blogspot blogger has different profile before the launch of Google +. Now the question is why should you need to replace your blogger profile with your Google plus profile? Or why Google attracts companies and bloggers to create their own profile / page. There are many advantages of creating a Google + account and connecting Google plus profile with blogger profile. Read also : how to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

The main thing is that Google plus is an SEO friendly and Google + contents are appeared in search results more rather than Facebook or Twitter and other social networking sites. Easy to get more followers rather than other social networking sites. It means that opening a Google + profile / page gets more visible in the search results.

Once you connects your Google plus profile with blogger, Google will start displaying your post  along with your photo automatically on search results. All the posts that you have created  and published on blogger will be shared on Google +. You can also share your blog post automatically to Google plus. All your posts and comments on blogger will be linked to Google plus simultaneously. Read also : how to setup AdSense page level ads.

In this tutorial I will show how to connect your Google + profile with your blogger profile. It is very easy to integrate your blogger profile with Google +. Let's go!

Step 1. At first login to your blogger account
Step 2. After login to your blogger account, click Google + button located left hand side menu. See in the the below image. Read also : how to put AdSense ad below blogger post title.

Step 3. Once you click Google +, you will see a screen like below image. Now click Get Started to connect with Google + profile.

Step 4. Once you click Get Started, your screen looks like below image where you will see both your blogger profile and Google plus profile. If you are ready then click Switch Now. After that At first login to your blogger account. Read also : how to make money online from home.

Step 5. If you have multiple blogs then it asks to add your blog with Google + profile. You can select the desired blog where you want to connect your Google plus profile. After that click ADD BLOGS. Once you click ADD BLOGS, your blogger profile is replaced with Google plus profile.

The only disadvantage of connecting Google plus account with blogger is that once you switched to Google plus your blogger profile will be deleted and you can't switch back to blogger within 30 days again. Another problem is that you have to manually enter your Google plus profile  details means once you switch to Google plus, your blogger profile information will not be transferred to your Google plus profile automatically. Read also : how to decorate text with shadow effects using CSS.

That's it!. Thanks for reading. Please share your views on the same. Share the post with your friends on social media. Your one comment and one share can appreciate me lot.
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