How To Customize Gmail Theme

We all know, Gmail is the most used secure webmail service as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols worldwide which was launched by the search engine giant Google in April 1, 2004. Gmail became available to the general public worldwide on February 7, 2007.

As of June 2012, Gmail is the most widely used web-based email provider with over 425 million active users worldwide. Gmail is also available in 71 languages. Gmail became the first app on the Google Play Store in May 2014 and just after that almost one billion install on Android devices. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

Gmail has many features like Tabbed Inbox, Storage, Spam Filters, Gmail Search, Voice Chat, Gmail Labs, Gmail Labels, Gmail Themes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Money Transfer and Payment Options. Although Gmail has many features but many people do not use them.

In this post, I will show you one interesting feature of Gmail which almost none can use it. I know many Gmail users change their Gmail theme. But I can promise very less can set custom image as Gmail theme. I ask one of my friend yesterday that has he ever changed Gmail theme with his own image. He replied, he has changed Gmail theme but he could not able to set his own image as Gmail theme. If I ask others, I will get similar results from them. Anyway, here in this post ,I can show you how you can change your Gmail theme and set your own image as your Gmail theme. Read also : How put add AdSense ad inside blog post.

Gmail has many themes which are categorized under different categories like Color Themes, HD Themes, Custom Themes and Classic Themes. Each category has many themes. For example, Color Themes has 14 themes and HD Themes has 10 themes and Classic Themes has 12 themes and Custom Themes has 2 themes. Let's start to set your own image as Gmail theme.

Steps To Set Your Own Image As Gmail Theme

Step 1. At first you must be a Gmail user

Step 2. Login to your Gmail account
Step 3. Click Settings icon looks like a gear located below your profile image

Step 4. After that, click Themes

Step 5. Now scroll down to Custom Themes. There you will see Custom Light and Custom Dark themes. Since you are using default Gmail theme instead of Custom Themes that's why you will not be able to see Select a background image and Share your theme just beneath Custom Light and Custom Dark theme. See the below image. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects.

Step 6. Now click either Custom Light or Custom Dark. Once you click either Custom Light or Custom Dark, you will be able to see Select a background image and Share your theme.

Step 7. Now click Select a background image

Step 8. Once you have clicked Select a background image, you will able to see some featured images. If you wish you can select the desired image among the featured images. If you wish to select your photos from your Google Plus profile then click My Photo and then select any desired photo and then click Select.

Otherwise, if you upload a new photo then click Upload Photo. Browse your desired photo and after uploading click Select. Once you click Select, your custom image has been saved. Read also : How to set up AdSense page level ads.

Thanks for reading. Please share your views on the same. Share the post with your friends on social media. Your one comment and one share can appreciate me lot.
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