How To Add Related Post Widget With Thumbnail

I have got many articles on internet which suggest you to edit your blog template to add some extra codes for thumbnails related post. Adding codes to your blog template need some programming knowledge. Read also : how to setup AdSense page level ads.

If you don't have programming knowledge may face some difficulty or you may not be able to add codes at proper place in your template. A related post widget helps blogger to display related articles below each published post of a blog.

Related post widget help bloggers and website owners to increase page views as well as keep readers engaged with their blog. Related articles are chosen from other posts according to labels, tags, categories. Related post with thumbnails display image of a related articles with title of that article. Related post widget won't let your previous posts become waste.

In my earlier post, I have shown you How to add related post widget without thumbnail to Blogger / WordPress. In this post, I will show you how to add related post widget with thumbnail to your blog. No matter where your blog is hosted. Whether it may be on blogger or wordpress. This process works for all.

Here, I will show you how to add related post widget with thumbnail that do not require any programming knowledge. Have you ever heard about LinkWithin? LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each and every post, linking to related stories from your blog archive. To display related post articles with thumbnails you just need to do below few steps. So let's start!

Warning! Before doing anything, take Back-up of your template and your blog's data so that if you make any major mistake, you can easily restore your original template as well as your blog's data.

How-to Download Your Blog's Data

How-to Download / Upload Blogger's Template

Steps to add related post widget with thumbnail

Step 1. First go to LinkWithin website.

Step 2. Now you need to enter your email address, your blog address and the platform where your blog is hosted like Blogger, WordPress, etc.

Step 3. After that click Get Widget!
Step 4. Once you click Get Widget! LinkWithin display the instructions to install widget. Now you need to click Install Widget. Read also : how to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

Step 5. Once you click Install Widget, Add Page Element window on Blogger opens. If you have multiple blogs hosted on blogger then select the desired bloge where you want to add the widget and then click Add Widget.

Once you click Add Widget, LinkWithin widget for thumbnails related post added to the layout of your blog. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below blogger post title.

You're done! Thanks for reading. Please share your views on the same. Share the post with your friends on social media. Your one comment and one share can appreciate me lot.
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