How To Check Who Tweeted First On Twitter

Many of you using the microblogging social networking site Twitter and tweeted self thoughts on daily basis. But have you ever thought who tweeted a tweet first?The microblogging social networking site Twitter was first launched in 2006 and from then Twitter has billions of tweets in its database. Twitter becomes more popular among celebrities rather than general people. Twitter has recently opened their time-sorted archives which makes possible for anyone to search its entire database. These tweets will be extremely helpful for research purpose. How to resolve Gmail / PlayStore login problem in Android phone

For example, if you want to know who tweeted iPhone, Smartphone, mobile etc. first on Twitter then you need to switched to Twitter's advanced search and then you need to provide various details on Twitter advanced search. It is very difficult and irritating process to search regarding a Twitter tweet. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects using CSS.

Who Tweeted First is the best alternative of Twitter advanced search to search who tweeted a tweet first on Twitter. Who Tweeted First is a new web-app developed by India's first professional blogger Amit Agarwal. It helps you to find out old tweets for any topic automatically. Here, you just need to enter the search keywords or even a link and then you need to Press Enter on keyboard or click search#FirstTweet. Here are some examples.
Once you hit Enter on keyboard this web-app performs binary search against the archives. This web-app performs internally couple of JSON requests before getting the elusive result and due to that needs some time to discover the results. It takes your search query and executes Twitter’s advanced search for the entire range of dates and then then shrinks the range by half and discards the other half. This process continues till the elusive tweet is found.

You can also discover the first tweet of any Twitter user. To discover the first tweet of a Twitter user you just need to enter the Twitter username of that Twitter user. Below image is my first tweet. Read also : How to setup AdSense ad below post title.

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