Convert Photos Into Cartoon and Sketch Images in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone

You may noticed many profile with cartoon or sketch image on social media instead of real image. This is very much helpful for people, who try to hide themselves on social media and remain open through his post. If you are not comfortable to use your real image then why not try to use your cartoon / sketch image. This cartoon may not resemble you exactly but can represent you at least. Cartoon / sketch yourself is really fun and makes you smile.

As much I have remembered, it was in 2002 when I have used my avatar first time on Yahoo. That was an awesome experience. I can't express what I feel that time. I was just shocked, how could it be happen. I didn't know how many tools available that time to convert photo into cartoon / avatar. Read also : How to make Money Online from Home.

There are several photo editing tools available which can convert your photo into cartoon and sketch images. But I have found XnSketch is best among them because of its compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone. In this post, I will show how to work on XnSketch.

XnSketch - XnSketch is a free portable application for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and that's why no need to install it in your system. Just download XnSketch and extract the file using Archive Extractors like WinZip and RAR extractor and run the XnSketch file.

How to Convert Photos Into Cartoons and Sketch Images

After launching XnSketch, you will see 20 image filters and styles in the XnSketch application window. To open existing image from your system drive into XnSketch, click Open folder or File > Open or press Ctrl + O. You can also drag and drop an existing photo into the XnSketch application window.

Now to apply effects on your image, click on the image filters and styles like black & white, Neon, Pastel, Mono, Different Sketches, Oil Painting, Hatching, Pencil drawing, Stamp and Photocopy. Read also : How to submit Blogger Sitemap to search engines.

To save the image click File > Save or use Ctrl + S into your computer. You can also share this image into Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and other photo storing sites.

Some Other Tools

There are also several tools using them anyone can convert their photo into cartoon or sketch image. Here is the list of other photo conversion tool.

Meez - Meez is fun place to create a cartoon image. To create a cartoon image, you must be a member of meez. After becoming member, click Shop and select any theme. You can change the look and cloths also using Look and Closet  option. After creation of your cartoon image just right click on cartoon image and click Save image as.. to save on your system.

WeeWorld - Its a nice tool to create cartoon image online. No need to download and install it to your system. You have to work online. There are free styles and effects. Just use them to create your cartoon image. But to save the cartoon image you need to become a member of this site. After login, click Photo > Studio > right click on the cartoon image > Save image.


- FaceYourManga is fun place to create a free cartoon image. No need to download and install on your computer. You must have net connection to use FaceYourManga. To create your cartoon image, just go to FaceYourManga site and select Gender first and follow the instructions. There are different type of shapes, eyes, ears, eyebrows, nose, mouth, mustaches, beards.  Just select different types and click Try on to apply changes. To save the image you must be a member of FaceYourManga. If you do not want to register then you must have to provide your details to get a link to your email address.

Sp-Studio - It is the another tool that lets you to create a cartoon character online. No need to download and install it on your system. You can convert your image into cartoon / sketch image online only.

Cartoon.Photo.To - This is just similar to Sp-Studio. Here you need to upload your photo into this site'e server and use various effects. No need to download and install on your system.

GoAnimate - GoAnimate is the best tool to create a cartoon video. As we all know that an animated video tell a story louder than a normal video.

There are also many sites which offers this kind of facility. But I think this are the best tools to create cartoon image and sketch image. Thanks for reading the post. Please share the post and your views on the same.
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