Change Homepage of Internet UbiSerfer in Android Phones

There are many browsers available which you can download and install on your android phones. We all know that most of them has a default home page set. Whenever you open your browser the default page will open on your Android phones. In this post, I will show you the steps to change the default home page for internet browser from your android phones. Read also: How to bookmark webpage on Android Phone.

To change the defaults home page for chrome browser from android devices you need to perform the below steps.

Steps to change Internet UbiSerfer homepage

Step 1. To open Internet browser, tap on Internet browser icon on the app screen.

Step 2. After that click the vertical dots located extreme right side top corner and tap Settings. see the below image. Read also : How to change UC browser default download path.

Step 3. On the settings window tap General

Step 4. Now you will able to the home page web address. Now tap on Set homepage to change it.

Step 5. Now tap radio button against Other. See the below image.

Step 6. Now type the desired web address that you want to make your default homepage and then tap OK to save the settings. Read also : How to Make Money Online From Home.

Once you tap OK, your homepage is set as your default homepage with the desired address. That's it! Thanks for reading the post. Please share the post and your views on the same.
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