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Google AdSense is the best program to monetize your website and make money online from home. More or less every blogger use this ad on their website/blog to make money from their online contents. If you have approved AdSense account, you can easily monetize your blog with Text ads, Display ads.

This custom search engine helps to boost your blog earning as well as keep engage your readers on your website showing search results within your website. It also helps to lower down the bounce rate of your website. Read also : How to make Money Online from Home.

When you configure this search there are basically two main points to be configured. What to search (within your blog or the entire web) and where to display the search results (on your website within an iframe or on a Google page in the same window). Read also : How to auto publish blogger post to Facebook.

You can configure this search engine in such a way so that whatever your readers search on your website, this custom search engine, search either only your website contents or the entire web. And it can display the results either on your website within an iframe or on a Google page in the same window. Read also : How lock / track lost mobile phone and erase data remotely.

Experts are always advice to configure this custom search within your website rather than the entire web since it helps to retain your readers on your website as well as lower down the bounce rate.

If you are hungry to learn this tricks then you are landed at the right place. In this post, I will show you how to setup this custom search engine. Let's dig into the tricks.

Steps to Create Custom Search Engine

Step 1. At first login to your AdSense account and click My ads.

Step 2. Now click Search which locates left hand side and then click New custom search engine.

Step 3. Enter search engine name and then select either "The entire web" or "Only sites I select" against What to search.

If your website have enough contents and want to keep engage your readers at your own website through the custom search engine results then select "Only sites I select" otherwise select "The entire web". By default custom search engine search the entire web. Read How to fix mixed content errors from your blog.

Step 4. In this step, you need to enter Keywords for your website. Otherwise leave it blank.

Step 5. Now you need to select the target country United States against Country or territory since advertisers from United States pay higher CPC (cost per click)  comparable to other countries.

Step 6. If you wish to display the search results within an iframe on your website then this step is crucial for you. Otherwise directly click Save and get code. By default search results will be displayed on a Google page in the same window.

To display the search results on your website in an iframe expand Search results and select "on my website using an iframe". Now you need to provide the URL address of the page where you want to display the search results. Read also : How to get 100GB Google Drive Space.

If you have already created a blank page you can enter that page URL. Otherwise you need to create and publish a blank page on your website which should be titled as Search or something related to it. Now collect the URL of this page from the address bar and then enter the URL against "URL where search results will displayed" in the AdSense page. Read also : How to make money from Google Apps.

Step 7. Now click Save and get code. You will get two codes, one for the Search box code and another for the Search results code.

Step 8. Now switch to your search page that you have created on your blog and HTML and insert the Search results code and Update page.

Step 9. You have almost done. Now you need to create a Gadget/Widget at your blog and need to add the Search box code. Otherwise you need add this code inside your template at proper position. By default size of the custom search is 55. You can change it according to the space available.

That's it! Enjoy making money from search results.
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