How to Make Money from Hostgator’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate program brings opportunity to every blogger to make thousands of dollars from their online contents. There are many companies which offers affiliate program to every bloggers. This affiliate programs are absolutely free for bloggers. Although there are many companies which offer free sign up for their affiliate program, but you need to find the best, high paying and reliable affiliate program. Read also : How to protect your computer from wannaCry ransomware virus.

Many bloggers reported that they did not get paid by some of their affiliate company. So be careful when choosing an affiliate program. Before choosing any affiliate program, you must Google that company, read reviews published by other bloggers. Once you are completely satisfied then apply for their affiliate program and promoting links and banners. Read also : How to setup AdSense page level ads.

Since this is a digital communication era every small and large company starts making their business online. To bring their business online, they need to create and host their website. There are many companies which offers website hosting service and this hosting companies also provides affiliate programs. Hostgator is one of them. In this post, I will discuss about Hostgator's affiliate program, their commissions details and their payment system. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects.

What is Hostgator

Hostgator is a domain registrar and web hosting service provider company which offers full range of hosting packages like unlimited domain names, unlimited emails and unlimited website hosting with quality customer support via phone, email, and LiveChat. Hostgator also guarantee for 99.9% up time for their hosting services. Read also : How to find AdSense high paying long tail keywords.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Like other web hosting companies GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator also offers affiliate program which is free for every bloggers. Hostgator is one of the finest, highest paying and reliable affiliate program. Hostgator offers minimum $50 for every qualifying signup through affiliate link. There is absolutely no cost to be a HostGator Affiliate, and the earning potential is substantial! Anyone can join Hostgator's affiliate program even without having a hosting account on Hostgator and make decent money. A dedicated team of affiliate specialists are always available to assist affiliate. So, it is highly recommended by experts when it comes to make extra money with affiliate program. Read : How to make money from BlueHost's Affiliate Program

Commissions Details

Best thing is that Hostgator offers slap wise commission to their affiliate. If some one refers 1-5 customer then he/she earns minimum $50 per signup. If the number of referral increases more than 5 then affiliate can get minimum $75 per signup. If the affiliate refer more than 21 customer in a month then affiliate earns $125 per signup. That means, 21 x $125=$2,625. Isn't it incredible? Read also : How to create custom AdSense Search Engine and Make Money from it.

Terms and Conditions

One of the major term and condition is that once affiliate account has been approved, affiliate has to refer at least one customer within 60 days. Another most important term and condition of Hostgator affiliate program is that they pay only for the active account. A user can create only a single affiliate account and can't use their own coupon code to create another account. Read also : How lock / track lost mobile phone and erase data remotely.

How to Become Hostgator Affiliate

It is easy to become Hostgator affiliate. Use this link Join Hostgator Affiliate Program to join now. On the affiliate page, you need to fill the registration form, provide personal details, file tax form. You need to validate your email address clicking on the link that sent to your email address by Hostgator. After submission of application, Hostgator needs few hours to review your application. Once it is approved you will get notification to your email address. Read also : How to make any widget available for mobile view.

Promote Hostgator Affiliate Link

One of the biggest advantage of Hostgatos's affiliate program is custom coupon code. Affiliate can create custom coupon code according to your choice. Hostgator offers up to 25% off or $9.94 off (i.e. one cent for the first month of hosting). Once your account is approved, you can use your referral link i.e, text link or banner ad code to promote on your blog or via email, newsletters, social media etc. Google AdWords is the prime option to promote your referral code. Read also : How to make Money Online from Home.

Hostgator Payment System

Hostgator offers both Electronic Fund Transfer facility as payment system. The minimum default payment amount is Rs. 3,200/- for Indian affiliate. Read also : How to make your blog Push Notification ready.

That's it! If you have not joined Hostgator's affiliate program then use this link Join Hostgator Affiliate Program to join now. Feel free to share the post and your views on the same.
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