Domain Migration From GoDaddy To BigRock

I have transferred my domain Manidin.Com from GoDaddy to BigRock on 15th July. There is no any reason of transferring. But I just want to experience the process of transferring from one domain registrar to another. The process is neither difficult nor so easy. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry virus.

When I transfer my domain from GoDaddy to BigRock I have got benefit of almost 231 INR compared to the renewal price of my domain on GoDaddy. In this post, I will discuss the necessary steps required for transferring domain from GoDaddy to BigRock. Let's start from the first step. Read also : How to track lost/stolen mobile phone and erase data remotely.

Step 1. Login to you GoDaddy account and then click Domains.

Step 2. Once you click Domain, you will able to see all of your domains. Now you need to click on the Manage option against the desired domain.

Step 3. Unlock Your Domain

You will switch to Setting zone. Before transfer your domain you need to check whether your domain is locked or unlock. If your domain is locked then you can't transfer your domain from GoDaddy. Otherwise you need to unlock your domain first. Read How To Unlock GoDaddy Domain.

Step 4. Obtain Domain Authorization Code

In the domain settings tab, you will see Authorization code and Email my code. Once you click Email my code, the secret code of your domain will be emailed by GoDaddy to your registered email address. This code is much important to authenticate your domain on the new domain registrar. Without this code you can't authenticate your domain on the new domain registrar. Read also : How to setup AdSense page level ads.

Step 5. Initiate Transfer Process at BigRock

Now go to BigRock, click Domains and then click Domain Transfer and register your domain. If you have a BigRock account then no need to register on BigRock. Just use your existing username and password to register your domain. Otherwise you need to create a new BigRock account.

BigRock has various payment options like Net Banking / Debitcards, Visa / MasterCard Credit Cards, PayPal, Pay visa cheque / Demand Draft / Direct Deposit and Pay via Account balance.

Step 6. Authorize your Domain at BigRock

After successful payment completion login to BigRock and click on your domain name. Now you need to provide the authorization code that you have got from GoDaddy and after providing the code click Submit button.

Step 7. Accept Transfer Domain at GoDaddy

Now switch to GoDaddy and click Domains and then click Transfer tab. Now you will see you domain name with status. Now click Manage to Accept or Decline the domain transfer process. Read also : How to make money online from home.

Now click ACCEPT OR DECLINE. ACCEPT OR DECLINE pop up window opens.

Now select Accept transfer and then click OK.

Once you accept the condition of transfer at GoDaddy your domain will be transferred to BigRock within 10-15 minutes. During these period your domain may be down for several hours. So no need to worry about these. Just be patient and be cool.

Step 8. Domain Forwarding

By default you domain forwarding service is not active. Click Manage Domain Forwarding option and enter the domain name in the Destination URL to forward your domain to the custom domain. After that click Save.

Step 9. DNS Configuration at BigRock

If you still see your site down after 24-72 hours then login to your BigRock account and scroll down to DNS Management. You may see error "Your DNS Management service is not configured correctly. Configure Now" like mine. If you see message like this click Configure Now and then click Fix Name Servers Automatically.

Under DNS Management, click Manage DNS. Now you need to add some records like IPs and CNAMES (that you have got from blogger) in management record. Under A Records tab, click Add A Record to add IPs. Now you need to add four IPs in the Destination IPv4 Address row and leave Host Name row blank. The four IPs are

Now click CNAME Records tab and then Add CNAME Record.  Enter www in the Host Name and then select second radio button against Value and then enter and then click Add CNAME Record.

Now you need to add the second Host name and Value. To add second Host Name and Value, click Add CNAME Record. Now you need to enter s5xrses3wmek in the Host Name  and then select the second radio button of Value and then enter and then click Add CNAME Record. Read also : How to remove PDF file password.

The new DNS settings take 10-15 minutes propagation time for DNS service to be working. Once your DNS service start working you will able to see your site live.
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