Eject External Memory Card From Android Devices

External memory is used to store huge amount of data than the phone memory since phone memory has limited space in Android devices. Once an external memory is inserted in Android devices, this memory is mounted to the system.

Suppose you have saved lots of data into the external memory and removed it directly from the Android devices then sometimes you have lost some data or the external memory may become corrupt or your device may reacts some unexpected behavior. Read also : How to remove password from PDF file.

Everything has systematic process. If you eat, you can't eat beyond your limitation. If you eat beyond your limitation, you face some problem. May be you feel vomiting or your stomach may start paining etc. This is just an example of a systematic process.

Since your android device or the external memory card are all electronic products so they are very sensitive. You need to take care of them. If you remove your external memory card directly from your android device you may face or may not face any problem. So always follow the systematic i.e, step by step process to unmount external memory card from android device. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

In this post, I will show how to remove / unmount external memory card safely from android devices. This is a few steps guide. So, let's start!

Steps to Eject External Memory Card/USB Device

Step 1. At first you need to go to the Settings.

Step 2. Once Settings screen opens, you will see various options, now you need to find and touch Storage.

Step 3. In the storage screen, you will see USB storage and SD Card. Here you need to find and touch Unmount SD Card and then you need to touch OK. If you have inserted any External USB storage then touch Unmount USB Storage and then touch OK.

That's it! Thanks for reading the post. Let me know whether you have experienced any unexpected problem on your android phone ejecting any SD card. Also let others to experience this feature by sharing this post on your social networks.
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