How To Lock & Unlock a Blogger Widget / Gadget

As we all know that blogger is more user friendly blogging platform that any other free blogging platform. Blogger's template is designed in such a way that a blogger who have coding skills can configure the default template according to his choice. Any one can add or remove a gadget,   remove space between gadgetsmake any widget available for mobile viewadd a gadget inside the headerupload custom template and many more.

That's why blogger is become more popular among bloggers as free blogging platform.One of the most important feature is you can redirect your blog domain to custom domain. In this post I will show you hot lock and unlock a blogger gadget. Read also How to add Facebook comment box to blogger.

Important Note:- Before doing customization of your blogger's default template, take Back-up of your template and your blog's data so that if you make any major mistake, you can easily restore your original template as well as your blog's data. Read also : How to Setup AdSense Page Level Ads and Fix Script Error.

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Steps to Lock a Blogger Widget

By default all the widgets of blogger is unlocked so that any one can delete a widget from Layout. If you wish to lock any widget you need to perform the below steps. Read also Google Web Master Tools Complete Guide.

Step 1. First login to your blogger account.
Step 2. Click Template which located left side
Step 3. Click Edit HTML. Once you click Edit HTML, you will able to see the codes of your blog's template. Read also How to schedule android phone to power on/off automatically.
Step 4. Now you need to click Jump to Widget and select any widget from the list. Once you select the widget you will switch to that widget. You may find code like this

<b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>......  </b:widget>

The above may be different depending on the number of widgets. In the above code you will see code locked='false'. locked='false' means that widget is not locked. Now to lock the widget, you need to replace locked='false' to locked='true'. After that click Save template to save the changes. Read also : How to shutdown Windows 8 in one click.
To check whether that widget is locked or not go to Layout. Click Edit button against the locked gadget and you will see there is no Remove button to delete that widget. If a widget is locked you can't delete that widget from Layout. Read also : How to track lost/stolen mobile phone and erase data remotely.

Thanks for reading the post. Let me know have you ever locked and unlocked any gadget. Also let others to experience this trick by sharing this post on your social networks.
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