How To Remove Outdated Page Link / URL From Google Search Engine

Almost all the blogs/websites are linked in Google search engine and that links are permanent. All bloggers or website owners use XML sitemap to submit their blog/website to Google webmasters tool to index their pages and gets visible in search engines.

Once it has been crawled and indexed by Googlebot, is saved in server cache and when someone searches on the Google, it will be shown in the search results page. If any one doesn't submit their blog/website 's sitemap, Googlebot automatically reach to that site and index the page in search engine.Read also : How to Fix HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors.

Sometimes bloggers/website owners need to modify/delete any page URL for some reason. In that case the old page link (url) still appears in Google search results page and when someone clicks that link gets an error message like "This webpage is not available / Server not found / Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist". And this error is called 404 error and it ruins your blog traffics. Read also : How to setup AdSense page level ads.
Now to avoid this error, either you need to redirect the old url to the new link or remove the old link from the Google search engine. Remember, you can only remove your own blog/website link, not others.

Steps to Remove Links From Google Search

Its a pretty simple and straight forward steps to remove any page link of own blog/website from Google search engine results page. To remove any page link from Google search engine results page, you must have to use web removal tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 1. Click here to remove any link from Google search engine results page.

Step 2. Once you click on the above link, you will be switched to Google Webmaster Tools. If you are a Google account holder then use your existing email id and password to login otherwise create an account. Read also : How to find AdSense high paying long tail keywords.

Step 3. Now enter the link (url) that you want to remove from Google search engine in the concerned box and click REQUEST REMOVAL.

Step 4. Once you click request removal, analyzing starts. Now click Request Removal. Read also : How to make your blog Push Notification ready.

Thanks for reading the post. Let me know whether you have used any url removal tools. Also let others to experience this feature by sharing this post on your social networks.
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