How To Make Money From Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is a popular and top Indian e-commerce site that sells almost all categories of products. Flipkart offers variety of products from books, cloths, furniture, electronics and many more all under one roof. I have already posted how to earn money from Snapdeal affiliate program.

If you think that you can only spend money by purchasing product from Flipkart then you are wrong. Like other affiliate programs Flipkart also brings an opportunity to earn money from Flipkart without any investment and its absolutely free to join. Download Flipkart App now.

How to Become Flipkart Affiliate

As an Flipkart affiliate you can help Flipkart makes more money by referring people to Flipkart and in turn Flipkart will share you a certain commissions of its product. Read also : How to make money from Amazon

Flipkart invites people from all around the world to join its affiliate prom. To become a Flipkart affiliate it does not cost anything. And its its absolutely free. To join its affiliate program, click here. Few steps associated to become a Flipkart affiliate. Read also : How to make money from affiliate program


At first you just need to land onto the Flipkart's affiliate page. In the registration form you just need to enter your email address and password and then select checkbox that I'm not a robot. After that accept term and condition and then click Register Me. After that you will get a confirmation link to your email which will active for 7 days. Once you confirm the link, login with your email address and password on the affiliate page. Read also : How to protect your computer WannaCry ransomware virus.

Account Information

In this section, you just need to provide details of account information including your name, mobile number, full address and affiliate type etc.

Payment Information

Under the payment information, you just need to enter the payee name (should be same as it on the pan card), payment mode, pan card number, bank name, bank address, bank street name, bank account number, bank IFSC code. After entering all the mandatory fields of payment information click Save Changes.

Website Details

In this section, you just need to provide the url of your blog/website and its monthly visitors. After that select the topic of your blog/website from the available list that best describe your blog/website. Now select the categories that you intend to list on your blog/website and then click Save Changes.

Upload Files

Finally, you just need to upload the scanned copy of pan card and canceled cheque to verify your account.

Tax Deduction

As per applicable Indian Laws, Flipkart will deduct 10% TDS on all payments made through EFT if correct pan card is provided. Remember, if pan card is not provided or an incorrect pan card, Flipkart will deduct 20% TDS.

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How to get Affiliate Link

To get your Flipkart affiliate link, login to Flipkart affiliate page and then click AFFILIATE TOOLS and then click Promotional Banners. After that click GENERATE CODE against the desired banner. You can also get the Bookmarklet Widget, Promotional Widget, Product Links & Banners from AFFILIATE TOOLS option.

How to Promote the Affiliate Link

After getting your affiliate link, you just need to paste the code in any page of your blog/website. If someone go to Flipkart through your affiliate link and purchased any product, you will get your commissions. You can track your affiliate link on Flipkart affiliate page.

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