How To Make Money With Amazon - Step by Step Guide

I have already posted several post regarding how to make money from affiliate program and how to make money with web hosting sites. Web hosting sites were create a trend of earning from their affiliate program and they offered this opportunity to every blogger and website owners. Later most popular E-Commerce sites such as  Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. started this program to get more customers to generate more revenues from their sites. In this post, I will discuss how to make money from Amazon's affiliate program.

What is Amazon

At first you must know a little bit about Amazon. Amazon is a USA biasedelectronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Initially, Amazon was started as an online bookstore and later it diversifying to sell different category products like electronic, fashion, software, beauty, health & personal care, fine art, jewelry, luggage & travel accessories, watch etc. Read also : How to make money from Snapdeal

How to Become Amazon Affiliate

Like web hosting  and E-Commerce sites affiliate program, Amazon also offers its own affiliate program for bloggers / website owners and this program is absolutely free. To become Amazon affiliate no need to pay anything. Just go to its affiliate page register with an email address.

Once you signed up with Amazon affiliate program, login to Amazon affiliate program and then you need perform the following three steps to complete the process.

Your Account Information

As soon as you login you will be asked to provide the details of you account. In this section you need to enter your name, email address, mobile number, and complete postal address with pin code. Read also : How to make money from Flipkart

In this section you also have to provide the bank details of the payee name, payee's address, city, state, country, pin code and phone number, bank name, bank account number, bank address, bank ifsc code and all the relevant information asked. After provide all the mandatory filed click Next to proceed to next step.

Your Website Profile

In this section you need to provide all the necessary information about your website and this form is a little bit longer. At first you need to provide your website name, website url and a brief intro of your website. After that you need to provide the primary, secondary topic of your website. Read also : How to make money from web hosting

After that you need to provide the information regarding what type of Amazon items you intend to list on your website , type of your website, how do you drive traffic to your website and how else do you monetize your website, monthly visitors to your website and all the mandatory fields. After providing all the mandatory information click Finish button to complete process.

How to Create Product Link

After approval of your application, login to the Amazon affiliate account. After that click Links & Banners and select Product Link. Now you just need to type the product name against for and all the relevant product is listed below. To get the product link just click Get Link and then click Highlight HTML. After that copy the html code and the paste the code at the desired place of your your blog/website.


How to Create Banner Link

After login to your Amazon affiliate account, click Links & Banners and select Banner Link. Now you will see some banners with following dimensions 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 160 x 600 and 300 x 600. Set you mind what dimensions banners you want insert on your blog/website. After that click Highlight HTML and then copy the HTML code and the paste the code at the desired place of your your blog/website. Read also : How to make money from Bluehost

How to add Amazon Widget to your website

After login to your Amazon affiliate account, click Widget and then click Add to your web page on the desired widget. After that type the product name and click Go and click Add Product and then click Nest Step. After that choose the content & layout, widget size and transition and then click Add to my Web page. Now copy the HTML code and paste at the desired page or add as a widget to your blog/website. Read also: How to make money from Bigrock

How to Create Direct Link to Amazon Homepage

You can create link to Amazon pages with your unique affiliate id in two ways. You can use ?tag="unique affiliate id" at the end of every url of Amazon pages. To create a link directly to  Amazon homepage using your unique affiliate id by adding tags just add above code at the end of Amazon's homepage url. For example"Unique affiliate id"

How to Create Link to Any Amazon Page

To create link any Amazon pages you just need to login to your amazon affiliate program and perform the below steps. Here also you can create direct link to Amazon homepage. After login to affiliate program open Amazon website in a new tab. Since you are already logged in to affiliate account Associates Site Stripe that appear at the top of every page you visit on  Amazon
Now to build a link to a page with the Site Stripe, simply go to the page you want on  Amazon and click the Link to this Page button on the Site Stripe.

After that type the link name and click Highlight HTML and either copy the whole html code or copy the selected code as shown in the below image. After that switch to your blog page and paste the code at the appropriate position.


How to Test a Link

To test a link click Links & Banners and then select Link Checker. Now enter the link URL and click Check Link.

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