How to Make Money With Web Hosting Sites

Before two or three decades ago when someone wanted to host a website/blog then they faced lots of problem since web hosting service was not available like today. Only big companies has its own server to host their website. It was very difficult to host a personal blog/website.

There are many web hosting companies grew later and starts providing web hosting facility to its own server for a comparable price. Many of these, provide web hosting facility with free domain for just $1, $1.5 or Rs. 59 or Rs. 99/-. Read also : How to make money from Bluehost

Now a days, there many sites provide free web hosting on its own server with a free sub-domain. Among these, WordPress and Blogger are most popular and user friendly. Anyone can publish a blog/website free on WordPress and Blogger with a sub-domin i.e, or Rather than WordPress and Blogger, there are also many sites that provide free blog/web site hosting. Now lets come to the main point how to make money with web hosting sites. There are mainly two ways of earning from a web hosting sites. One is affiliate program and another is reseller program. So, let's start.

Affiliate Program

This is one of the most popular process of earning from less effort. No need to invest a single penny here. Most of the web hosting sites like Bluehost, Hostgator, BigRock, GoDaddy and eCommerce sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon are provide affiliate program for the internet users. These web hosting sites invite people from all around the globe to become its affiliate and this program is absolutely free for all. Read also : How to make money from Bigrock

How affiliate program works

After joining to this program you will get a unique affiliate link and after that you need to promote your affiliate link. Once your referred person purchase any domain or package to host his/her site, then you will get your commissions.

How to promote your affiliate link

There are many ways to promote your affiliate link. If you have blog/website, then publish your affiliate link there to draw traffic to affiliate site through your affiliate link. You can also take advantages of social media like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc. to promote your affiliate link. You can also use your email to send your affiliate link to all your contacts. Read also : How to make money from Hostgator

Reseller Web Hosting

This is the another way of earning from web hosting sites. That means, you need to buy some domains or hosting packages from a web hosting sites on wholesale rate and set your own price and sell them on large profit. This is not so easy like affiliate program.  Here you need to invest lots of money. But the probability of earning is much higher than the affiliate program. Although it sounds good, but it actually requires large amount of space. Webmaster need to acquires a large server and bandwidth to divide it up among customers.
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