How to Create Links to Amazon's Pages With Your Unique Affiliate Id

I have already published a post regarding how to make money from Amazon with its affiliate program. In this post, I will show you how to create a link to any page of  Amazon using your unique affiliate id. To create own affiliate link no programming skills are required. Its a very simple process. Just follow the the step by step tutorials. Read also : How to make your blog push notification ready.

How to Create Direct Link to Amazon Homepage

You can create link to Amazon pages with your unique affiliate id in two ways. You can use ?tag="unique affiliate id" at the end of every url of Amazon pages. To create a link directly to  Amazon homepage using your unique affiliate id by adding tags just add above code at the end of Amazon's homepage url. For example"Unique affiliate id"

How to Create Link to Any Amazon Page

To create link any Amazon pages you just need to login to your amazon affiliate program and perform the below steps. Here also you can create direct link to Amazon homepage. After login to affiliate program open Amazon website in a new tab. Since you are already logged in to affiliate account Associates Site Stripe that appear at the top of every page you visit on  Amazon.

Now to build a link to a page with the Site Stripe, simply go to the page you want on  Amazon and click the Link to this Page button on the Site Stripe. Read full tutorial How to monetize YouTube video that matched third party content.

After that type the link name and click Highlight HTML and either copy the whole html code or copy the selected code as shown in the below image. After that switch to your blog page and paste the code at the appropriate position. Read also : How to make money online from Home.

How to Test a Link

To test a link click Links & Banners and then select Link Checker. Now enter the link URL and click Check Link. If your link doesn't have any error you will get success message otherwise you just need to modify. Read also : How to submit Blogger Sitemap to search engines

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