How To Lock / Track Lost Smartphone Remotely & Erase All Data

Are you worried about data from your lost / stolen android phone? Now you can lock your lost / stolen android phone remotely. You can erase all data from your lost android phone remotely. Now Google's new service tool (Android Device Manager) helps android owners to track / lock lost android phone remotely. In this post, I will share some tips so that you can prevent misuse of your lost mobile data. Read also : How to make your blog push notification ready.

Whats is Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager (ADM) is a tool that locates lost or stolen android devices such as android mobile phones and tablets. ADM also helps owners to Ring, Lock or Erase all the data from the phone remotely. If somehow your android mobile phone / tablet has been lost or stolen use ADM immediately to find location or lock the phone with a password and erase everything from your mobile phone. Read also : How to setup AdSense page level ads.

How to Setup Android Device Manager

Before using ADM, you must have to verify that ADM is installed on your device and enabled to work properly. To verify go to the Google Settings on your android device and check whether Android Device Manager option is available or not. If you cannot see Android Device Manager, it means it is not installed on your android device. To install ADM on your android phone from Google Play just click here. After installation do the below three steps to setup ADM successfully. Read also : How to setup AdSense Matched Content ad unit and fix script error.

Step 1. Open Google Settings and tap Android Device Manager. See the below image.

Step 2. After that tap checkbox against Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase. See the below image.

Step 3. Now tap Activate button to work ADM properly on your android device. See the below image.

How to Use Android Device Manager

After installation and successfully setup ADM, you are ready to use this highly demanded feature from any where. You can use this feature immediately, once you are confirmed the lost or stolen your android phones. To use ADM read all the below steps carefully. Read also : How to set voicemail number in android phone.

Step 1. At first type on the address bar of browser on your computer and log in with your Google account. If you do not have computer then you can use your friends mobile to track your lost android phone. Once you logged in click Accept button to agree with terms and conditions.


Step 2. Now you can see your android device name with last activity i.e, when your device was online. Now you have three options on the screen i.e., Ring, Lock and Erase.


If you are login onto android device manager directly from your own mobile, you will see the location of your mobile. You can use zoom feature on maps to get exact location. Read also : How to Fix HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors.

How to Bypass the Lock Screen Remotely

If you had not set a lock screen as security step then it's not too late. With the help of ADM, you can lock your lost / stolen device with  another password. You can also add a custom message or alternate phone number on the lock screen. To bypass the lock screen and set a new password, click Lock on the available option. Read also : Best video calling app for 2G/3G/4G  mobile.

In the "New password" field type a new password and then in the "Confirm password" filed repeat the password to confirm again. This can help to protect all your data from intruding.

In the "Recovery message (optional)" field type a recovery message so that when some one find your phone the message directs him that the phone will be returned to you. Read also : How to hide files & folder in smartphones

In the "Phone number (optional)" field, type your alternate phone number where you can be reached. This number will be displayed on the phone's lock screen and anyone who finds your phone will be able to dial the number from the device.

How to Ring Your Device Remotely

You can use Ring button to make your device start ringing. But this works only when your device is online.


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How to Erase All Data Remotely

If your phone carries sensitive information then it is better to erase all the data from your device. To erase all data and make your mobile factory reset just click Erase option next to the Lock and again click Erase. If your phone is offline, the factory reset will be performed as soon as the device is online. Remember, once the device is factory reset, ADM is no longer available for your android device. Read also : How to Make Money Online From Home.


Do let me know whether you have enabled Android Device Manager on your phone? If not then enable it immediately to give an extra security to your device to protect all your data even after the lost / stolen.
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