How to Disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks / Read Receipts

The latest version includes WhatsApp end-to-end encryption, how to stop WhatsApp media auto download and how to know who & when read your group messages and etc. Double blue ticks or read receipts is also a new feature of latest WhatsApp that allows sender to know that his/her message had been read by the receipt person. In this post, I will show you how to disable this option so that sender won't be able to know whether the message had been read or not. Read also : How to create WhatsApp Group.

Once you disable blue ticks / read receipts option, you can read WhatsApp messages without knowing the sender. By disabling the "Read Receipts", you are disabling the ability of WhatsApp to show blue tricks to the senders. Similarly, if someone read your messages you will not get double blue check marks for confirmation that someone has read your message. Let's start how to disable this option on your WhatsApp. Read also : How to add WhatsApp sharing button to your blog/website.

At first launch WhatsApp and tap on three dots that locates top right corner. Once a pop-up menu appears, tap on Settings.

After tapping on Settings, and then tap on Account and then tap on Privacy. In the privacy settings uncheck the check box against "Read Receipts" option. Read also : How to read WhatsApp message secretly.

Once you disable read receipts option, sender won't receive a blue tick marks. Although this feature works for individual message but it doesn't work for group conversation. Even after disabling of this option all group members can still get the blue ticks that you have read the message. Read also : How to setup AdSense matched content ad unit and fix script error.

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