How To Make Your Blog Push Notification Ready

We are living in a technology era and we are so bounded with the technology that when we get up early in the morning we first look to our mobile to see the time. This is happened to most of people. With the recent advanced technology method, a blogger can notify their readers regarding their latest posts or important updates. Using this method bloggers can give another subscription method to their readers. Read also : How to make any widget available for mobile view.

There are many websites that offer push notification service for popular browser Chrome and Firefox. Among them PushEngage and PushCrew are common. But I preferred PushEngage because it offers upto 2500 free active subscribers per month compared to PushCrew which offers only 500 free active subscribers. Both of this supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. Read also : How to change BSNL Wi-Fi password.

What is Push Notifications

You must be curious about push notifications. Push notifications is the new way of technology to notify your readers about your latest post or important updates in your browsers or in your smartphone when you are using an app. As soon as you publish a new post it sends an alert to your readers to get back to your website. Read also : How to delete blogger locked widget.

What is PushEngage

PushEngage is a new push notification website that sends web push notifications message from your website to your subscribers. PushEngage works on both desktop and mobile and supports Chrome and Firefox browser. Best part of PushEngage is it offers upto 2500 free active subscribers per month which is decent number for small and medium sized blog. Read also : How to make money from Google Apps for work.

Steps to Create Push Notification Alert

It is very easy to create push notification alert for your blog using PushEngage. Like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, you need to create a PushEngage account which is absolutely free. On the registration form, you need to provide your blog's url, your email, sub domain name and password. After that you need to click Start Your Free Trial.

Steps to Add Push Notification Script to Blogger

After login to dashboard, change the Site Name and site image i.e, logo of your blog preferred width and height should be 192px x 192px. Scroll down and change the maximum notification number to show a user at a given time from your website. By default maximum notification number to show a user at a given time from your website is 2.

Now scroll down to Install PushEngage JavaScript Code and copy the code which looks like below code. Only the number is different which shown as pink color in the below code. Read also : How to track lost/stolen android phone ans secure data.

<script src=""></script>

Now go to Blogger / WordPress where your blog is hosted and paste the code inside the template below <head> tag or above </head> tag. To include a welcome notification to subscribers just click the check box against Send Welcome Notifications to Subscribers and click Save. Read also : How to setup Google tag manager.

Now to check the appearance of the notification click Subscription Dialogbox Settings under Settings on the dashboard. You can change the appearance of the dialogbox type from the available options. There are four types of dialogbox available namely Safari Style Box, Bell, Bottom Place Bar, Single Step Optin.

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