How To Create and Setup AdSense Matched Content Ad Unit and Fix Script Error

After custom ad unit size, custom AdSense search engine, responsive ad unit and  Page Level Ads, Google introduced Matched Content feature to display or promote related post of a blog / website to encourage readers to view more pages of a site.

This two ads type was introduced to increase contextual advertising as well as to compete with other advertising networks like Taboola. Today, I am going to show you how to create this ad unit and how to use it to your blogger blog. Read also Google Web Master Tools Complete Guide.

What is Matched Content

It is a new feature developed by Google to promote articles of a website / blog to its site visitors. It helps site visitors to find the contents that they are interested in. This feature is just like a related post widget to engage site visitors on a website to spent more time instead of leaving the page. See the below sample screenshot of my blog. Read also : How to fix HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors.

How to check eligibility for Matched Content

This feature is not yet available for all publisher. A website must meet Google's specific minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages to be eligible to use this new feature. Once your website is eligible, you will see Matched Content feature under +New ad unit. Although there is a way to check the eligibility of a website. Read also : How to stop WhatsApp auto downloading image, audio, video.

Step 1. At first login to AdSense account.
Step 2. Click on Settings / gear icon located left hand side of the page.
Step 3. After that click My Sites and then click Matched Content.
Step 4. Now you will able to see a list of websites that eligible for matched content. See the below screenshot as sample image. Read also Best SEO tools to analyze a website.

How to Create Matched Content Ad Unit

Once your website is eligible for Matched Content then you can easily create Matched Content ad unit to add this feature to your website. After getting your website approved for Matched Content perform the below steps carefully to add this feature to your blogger blog. Read also : How to submit Blogger Sitemap to search engines.

Step 1. At first login to Google AdSense.
Step 2. Click My ads and then +New ad unit.
Step 3. Now you will see two ads type Text & display ads and Native / Matched content. Click Native / Matched content. Read also : How to create custom Search Engine and Make Money from it.

Step 4. If you have multiple websites eligible for matched content then select the desired site from the drop-down list.  After that enter the Ad unit name Click SAVE AND GET CODE. If you wish you can customize the Style and Size of the ad unit. Read also : How to make Money from Google Apps.

Step 5. Now click COPY CODE SNIPPET to copy the code and then click I'M DONE button. Read also : How to find high paying long tail keywords.

In this way you can create matched content ad unit. Now you need to add this matched content ad unit code to your website / blog.

How to Add Matched Content Ad Unit to Blogger

After creation of the matched content ad unit, you need to add this code to your website very carefully so that it appears just below at the end of a post. Now lets start how to add this matched content code to a blogger website. Read full tutorial How to monetize YouTube video that matched third party content.

Step 1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2. Now click Template and then click Edit HTML.
Step 3. Click anywhere inside the code and press Ctrl+F on the keyboard to get search box inside the code. Now type <data:post.body/> in the search box and hit enter on the keyboard. You will get this code several times but you have to move to the last one. Read also : How to add WhatsApp sharing button to your blog/website.

Step 4. Just below <data:post.body/> paste the matched content code and then just below the matched content code add the below code so that matched content appears only for website posts not for the homepage.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

Most of the website have share buttons at the end of the website post. In that case you need to paste the code above the two lines code and just below the share button code so that it appears right after the share buttons. Read also : How to convert photo into cartoon and sketch image.

N.B : If you use custom related post widget you then just need to disable the summary script of the existing code as I have shown in the above image. Otherwise. Read also : How to enable HTTPS for your blogger blog.

Step 5. Now click Save template.

How to Fix Script Error in the Template

Once you click save template button you will get  error message like below

" Error parsing XML, line 1825, column 15: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character.  Hide notification "

Now to fix this issue you need to replace the async with async='' in the matched content code and then click Save template again. This time your template will be saved. Read also : How lock / track lost mobile phone and erase data remotely.

Why to Use Matched Content ad Unit

One of the prime reason of using this on your website is to increase the site's page views and time spent as a result website owners earn ad impressions, RPM and ultimately ad revenue. This is the main reason of using this feature instead of normal related post widget. Read also : Best video calling app for 2G/3G/4G mobile phone.

That's it! Does your website / blog eligible for matched content. Share your views in the comment box and appreciate me by sharing this post on social networks.
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  1. thanks, i appreciate. why must i disable my custom related post widget? can't the matched content work without my disabling it.


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