How to Put Google Adsense Ads Below Blogger Post

There are various process to make money online from home working on your own blog or as a freelancer. I have already published several post regarding various Google ad formats like page-level-ads, adsense for custom search engine, customize width and height of responsive ad etc...

If you want to increase your blog earning then you need to experiment always with the position of the ads. You need to display ads at the proper position where visitors come across always. And one of the best position to display ads is the bottom of blogger post. Displaying ads at the bottom of blogger post also increase the chance of making more money from the ads. In this post, I will show you how to display ads below of each blogger post.

Steps to Display ads Bottom of Blogger Post

Step 1. At first login to your adsense account.
Step 2. After login, click My ads and then click New ad unit
Step 3. Now you have two options to choose. One is Text & display ads and another is Matched content. You need to click Text & display ads. Read also : How to create and setup matched content ad unit.
Step 4. Type ad unit name and choose ad size. I recommend you to choose Responsive ads.
Step 5. Now click Save button and then Copy the code.
Step 6. Now switch to your blogger dashboard and click Theme and then click Edit HTML.
Step 7. Now click any where inside the code and then press Ctrl + F on the keyboard to get search box.
Step 8. Type <data:post.body/> in the search box and hit enter on the keyboard. You will get this option twice or more time depending upon the template / theme but you have to stop at the second option.
Step 9. Now paste the ad code just below <data:post.body/></div> to appear the ads below bottom of each blogger post. And to avoid any error or parse the template / theme replace async with async='' of the ad code.
Step 10. Finally, click Save theme.

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