How To Setup AdSense Auto Ads Properly

Google AdSense is one of the best ad programs or ad network to monetize a blog / website.  Google had already introduced various ads format like custom ad unit, custom search engine ad unit, responsive ad unit, page level ad unit, matched content ad unit for its publishers. Google recently unveiled a new ad format called "Auto Ads" for its publishers so that publishers can place single piece of ad code to their blog instead of several ad code. Auto Ads utilize artificial intelligence power to automatically manage ad placements and optimize ads for publishers.

Auto Ads use machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf that let's you to save your time. You just need to place one piece of code just once to all of your pages or your blog template and let Google take care of the rest. Auto ads will identify any available ad space on your blog and place new ads there which potentially increase your AdSense revenue. Read also : How to Fix 404 Error


To setup Auto Ads properly to your blog you just need to perform the following few steps.

Step 1. At first login to your Google AdSense account and then click My Ads.

Step 2. Now click Auto Ads and then click Setup Auto Ads. Read also : Google Apps for Work.

Step 3. Now you need to change the global setting by enable the disabled option for Text & Display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, Matched content, Anchor ads and Vignette ads.

Step 4. After that click Save and then click Copy the Code.

Step 5. Now go to blogger dashboard and click Theme and then click Edit HTML.

Step 6. Now you just need to paste the code in between <head> ....... </head>.

You can use Ctrl + F to search the <head> or  </head>.

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Check the performance of Google Auto ads by going to My Ads and then Auto ads and click on statistics icon.

If you are using Anchor or Vignette or other ads then remove the existing code as the Auto ads includes many new features such as Text & Display ads, Anchor or Vignette ads, In-feed ads, Matched content etc.

If you don't want to delete the existing ads code, Auto ads will take into account all existing ads on your pages of your blog  / website. Page-level ads are automatically migrated over to Auto ads without any need to add code to the blog / website pages again.
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