How to Hide YouTube Channel Subscriber

We all know that youtube is the largest video sharing platform in the world which was acquired by the search engine giant google in the year 2006 with whopping amount of $1.65 billion. Youtube offers free video hosting service which help users to publish their video free of cost on youtube. Youtube also creates opportunity for making money from videos. Later i discuss how to make money from youtube.

The number of youtube user is rapidly increasing as the time passes. Many youtube channel owners keep the channel subscriber is secrete. Typically, there are no basic advantages of hiding channel subscriber. A lot of youtubers thought that hiding the number of channel subscriber makes their channel to get new subscriber as well as get viewers engaged with their videos rather than switching to other channels.

But the truth is that every youtube channel starts with zero subscriber and grows gradually. Every youtube channel grows depending upon the content of the video rather than the quantity of the video. If your channel has good content, you will get more subscriber, more likes and more comments. In this post, i am going to show you, how to hide the number of channel subscriber on youtube.

Steps to hide the number of subscriber

Step 1. At first login to your youtube channel.

Step 2. After login click on the profile icon located on the top right corner and then click YouTube Studio.

Step 3. Now click Settings located in the left pane.

Step 4. After that click Channel and then click Advanced Settings.

Step 5. Now scroll down to Subscriber Count and uncheck the checkbox against Display the number of subscribed to my channel and then click Save button.

That's it! Once the settings is saved, youtube channel subscriber remains hidden for everyone.

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