How To Insert Checkbox in LibreOffice Writer

We all know that LibreOffice is an open source office suite application software developed by Document Foundation. LibreOffice contains word processor (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), presentation application (Impress), drawing application (Draw), formula editor (Math), and database management application (Base). The default file format was .odf (Open Document Format). You can easily use LibreOffice writer if you have used Microsoft Office. In this post you will learn how to insert checkbox in LibreOffice Writer.

Steps to Insert Checkbox in LibreOffice Writer

To insert checkbox in LibreOffice you need to perform the below steps carefully.

Step 1. At first open LibreOffice Writer.

Step 2. After that you need to type your text or sentence.

Step 3. Now you need to select the text or sentence and right click on the selected text or sentence and then click Bullets and Numbering....

You can also switch to bullets and numbering by clicking on Format in the menu bar and then click Bullets and Numbering...

Step 4. In the Bullets and Numbering... window, under Customize tab, change Number value 1,2,3,... to Bullets and then click Select... button against Character.

Step 5. After that special character window opens. Now scroll down and find out the checkbox special character. Once you fond it just select and then click Add to Favorites button so that you can easily use this special character in future also.

Step 6. Now click OK twice and the checkbox is inserted.

That's it! In this way you can insert checkbox in OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer.

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