How to Enable / Disable Touch Coordinates on Andoid Phone

Friends, android has many hidden features which are out of general people’s thinking. One of them is show pointer location. Pointer location is nothing but the pointer or touch coordinates. Friends, android has a way to show touch coordinates, so that you can easily check touch screen where u have exactly touched on the screen. So friends, in this post you will learn how to enable or disable pointer location or touch coordinates in the android phone. 

So friends, you can not enable/disable show pointer location or the touch coordinates feature in your android phone without enabling one of the most important feature which remains hidden in your android phone. And that hidden feature is none other than Developer options. Since most of the secret features are available under the Developer options, that's why you have to enable this feature at first.

So friends, to enable the Developer options, at first you have to switch to the Settings in your android phone. After that you have to tabs on About phone. In some phones About Phone option remain at top of the settings screen and in some other phone it remains at the bottom of the screen and in some phones About phone option is present under More Settings.. Now you have to tab 7 times on Build number or MIUI version (in MI phone). After 7 times touch on the Build number, you will see a message like "You are now a Developer". This message indicates that you have successfully enable the Developer options in your android phone. Now you just need to switch back to the Settings menu where you will find a new option i.e, Developer options.

In some android phones you will find this option under Additional Settings also. So if u do not find Developer options under settings menu then don’t worry, you will find it under additional settings options. In MI Phone or Redmi Phone, Developer options is available under the Additional settings option. Now tabs on Additional settings menu and then tabs on Developer options.

After that under input category, you will find Pointer location option. Now if this option is enabled then tabs on to disable this feature, or if this option is disabled then tabs on it to enable this feature. So friends in this way, you can enable or disable Pointer location.
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